Demonstration 08.06.2013 – kommt mit uns, den Kriegsflüchtlingen “Lampedusa in Hamburg” auf die Straße:

DEMONSTRATION  |Saturday, june 8th 2013 | 12 o’clock | HH-Centralstation/Hachmannplatz

An African proverb says:
“A goat that is already dead, no more afraid of knives.”

To all migrant communities in Hamburg
To all those, who have not betrayed their own hearts and souls

We call you all to the streets to give a sign of solidarity and common struggle for our rights as human beings.

We are survivors of the NATO war in Libya. Everything we could build for us in Libya, we have lost. In the name of democracy and human rights, Libya, NATO countries have set on fire. The consequences of the war impact far beyond the borders of Libya. We, refugees from Libya in Europe, are the witnesses of the crime. We have come against our will and because of the intervention of the West of Europe. There is no going back for us.
We have seen many terrible things and overcome many obstacles. Now we live as unwanted immigrants on the streets of countries that speak of humanitarian protection but do not want to implement it. Again, we must fight for survival, while new wars in the name of democracy and human rights are already started.
The victims are the people who are supposed to be protected. To be a refugee is not criminal. Criminal is the one that generates refugees.

>To all our brothers and sisters who are due to the interests of powerful states also become refugees,
>to all our brothers and sisters who are because of the color of their skin, discriminated against and humiliated,
>to all our brothers and sisters who have come before us for a long time in this country and on this continent and learned to know the pain of rejection,
>to our young brothers and sisters who are born here in this country, and yet as “foreigners”,
>to all the people who see peace and justice as a unit and stand up for

come with us, the refugees of the NATO war in Libya, “Lampedusa in Hamburg” on the road.
It is the fault of NATO and the European Union that we are here.
We are human beings and have rights. If the laws are against us, they must be abolished or changed. The man makes the law, not the law of the man.

03.06. Kurzes Statement zur aktuellen Situation

Since yesterday evening the refugees
from Libya have the possibility to spend the night in a church in St.
Pauli. During the next few days some tents as well as sanitary
equipment will be build there by some aid organisations.
Independend supporters are still organising food and other
concrete assistance and aid.

The church in St. Pauli is now providing protection during night.
Political contact point is still the picket at
Hauptbahnhof/Steindamm. The signing of the petition, to inform
yourself and others by having solidary conversations will be

A longer statement, such as a political analysis of the current
situation will follow.

01.06. Pressemitteilung

Hamburg, 01.06,2013

Press release by

Refugees and supporters protest at an election campaigning event of the Social democratic party (SPD) with the mayor Olaf Scholz in Hamburg Barmbek

More than 250 people participated at the demonstration in front of the museum of work (Museum der Arbeit) where the social democratic party (SPD) held an election campaigning event. More than 100 of the refugees, who have been living in the streets of Hamburg for weeks, were present and emphasized their demands once again.

  • accommodation
  • free access to the labour market
  • free access to education
  • free access to medical care and social provision
  • the right to freely choose the residence within the EU

The refugees eventually formed a delegation which entered the building and attempted to talk to mayor Olaf Scholz. Asuquo Udo, one of the refugees’ speakers, explained to the mayor, „We stand on the threshold between life and death. As war refugees we were given a humanitarian status by italy, which allows us to live in the EU. Now the plan seems to be to deport us back to Italy as soon as possible.“ but to be pushed around through Europe would not be an acceptable perspective.


While describing the situation they are living in, the refugees were interrupted after just three minutes, because the alleged time they were granted for speaking had ended. To withdraw the microphone from guests before they can finish their speech is inappropriate and cynical considering that they are victims of war.

Scholz explained, completely leaving aside any facts, that the city would take care of the refugees’ essential needs.

In reality things are completely different. The current support for the refugees is organized by the people of Hamburg and not by city authorities or big wellfair organizations. Especially young people try to care for the most urgent needs: dependable food supplies and the contact with those willing to give medical assistance. Scholz explained again, that the city was technically looking for suitable accomodation. But any accommodation would just be for temporary use and would serve only as a preparation for the deportation to Italy.

After the conversation the refugees clarified in their speeches that they will stay in Hamburg and that they have no intention of returning to Italy:

The conditions in Italy were not worth living. For one the accommodation in overcrowded camps, very little food, and then homelessness and assaults in the cities, no chance of education, no chance of work. All of us have experienced such things.



Representatives of the group from libya:

Affo Tchassei: 0176-717 402 36
Anane Kofi Mark: 0152-170 045 94
Asuquo Udo: 0152 146 725 37

Mail: lampedusa-in-hamburg@riseup.netWeb:


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