Solidaritätserklärungen und -aktionen


Declaration of Solidarity by “move and resist! Plenum of Action against Isolation and Deportation”

Dear Friends of Lampedusa in Hamburg,

We are members of the move and resist! – Plenum of Action against Isolation and Deportation based in Bielefeld. Since 2010, we have been working as a self-organized group of refugees, migrants and non-refugee activists for the rights and well-being of refugees and migrants particularly those in Bielefeld and neighboring areas.

We came to know of the Lampedusa in Hamburg through the Caravan for the Rights of
Refugees and Migrants in Hamburg. We met some of you personally and listened to the
testimonies you courageously made in the recently-concluded Refugee Tribunal held in Berlin from June 13 to 16. We listened to your moving and tragic accounts as ordinary working people who were caught in the violent international conflict in Libya in 2011, forced to flee the war by crossing the Mediterranean Sea, reached Lampedusa and languished there before finally finding your way to Hamburg and other places in Germany. Since then, we have been following your situation through
your statements, news, photos and video clips mainly in the Caravan website, thereby learning from your experience.

We are in solidarity with you in the fight to win respect and recognition of your right to stay, enjoy decent and humane work and living conditions, and rebuild your lives in Germany and in Europe.

We oppose the racist and increasingly violent anti-refugee and anti-migrant policies of the German and other European governments. In particular, we oppose the cynical use of the Dublin II agreement in order to keep refugees and migrants in the limbo infamously called “Fortress Europe” and finally to send them back to their countries of origin at the cost of their lives or suffering harassment, torture and imprisonment.

Your cause, which is also our cause, is just and deserving of sympathy and support. We are happy to know of the growing moral and material help you receive from ordinary citizens, from grassroots organizations, from people of various religious affiliations, and more recently from the trade union ver.di in Hamburg. This, inspite of the apathy, prejudice and even outright hostility coming from
traditional local politicians and bureaucrats who keep ignoring your plight and just demands.

Again, our sincerest assurance of support and best wishes for your success.

Solidarity is power, up with international solidarity!