Hintergrund: Wer ist Lampedusa in Hamburg?

Countless people fled Libya crossing the Mediterranean sea towards Italy because of the NATO war. Many of them were forced to do so. Those who survived the passage are regarded as refugees for humanitarian reasons. They were administered with EU funding following the Italian immigration law. When the external funding for war refugees from Libya ended, the Italian government tried to get rid of the refugees and started throwing them out of the camps. Many refugees and migrants in Italy are forced to live on the streets. The country does not offer work or other perspectives and has been target of criticism by lawyers and NGOs because of the humanitarian disaster created by the authorities. Further on the Italian government issued papers which allow the refugees to travel legally within the Schengen area. But the papers do not include permission to work neither do they grant any medical or social assistance, which makes them practically worthless. The refugees were advised to travel to central Europe and received money for this purpose. At that point many refugees did not realize the consequences of the conflict between European governments being carried out on their backs. During winter many of them lived in seasonal emergency accommodation facilities that were closed 5 weeks ago. Since then most of them, about 250 people, are forced to live on the streets. The German state state which itself was involved in the war in Libya and the senate of Hamburg are not willing to take any responsibility and hope for the situation to pass by without them taking action. Interview with Affo Tchassei concerning the situation Lampedusa in Hamburg – Interview with Affo Tchassei von The VOICE Refugee Forum Network.