[31.08.] Der Kampf geht weiter!

At the end of a summer of resistance it has become a little calmer around “Lampedusa in Hamburg”. The successful demonstration on the 17.08. with more than 2500 people was a clear signal of strength and gives confidence. Because by now it should also have reached the senate:

Lampedusa in Hamburg – WE ARE HERE TO STAY!

 We are still not at all tired and there are many ideas to maintain the political pressure in the next weeks: A big music-festival on St.Pauli, another demonstration, information events at schools etc.
As always this is only possible with the energetic support by the countless people in solidarity in Hamburg and elsewhere! Together we fight for a better future for everyone!

New infos will be published on this blog. If you also want to support the struggle, just contact lampedusa-in-hamburg[ät] or the St. Pauli church.

For the meantime, here’s a video by the “Caravan for the rights of the refugees and migrants” with impressions from the past months.

Lampedusa in Hamburg und Berlin: WE ARE HERE TO STAY!

More than 2500 people joined the demonstration “Lampedusa in Hamburg: We fight for our right!” on Saturday 17.08.13! Another demonstration called for by the refugees of the group “Lampedusa in Berlin” with 300 participants took place in Berlin.


A clear signal to the senate of Hamburg and the German government in the struggle for a residence permit for the refugees of war.


Press reports: NDRAbendblattMopotagesschau

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NEU: LAMPEDUSA IN HAMBURG UND BERLIN – 2 Demonstrationen 17.08.2013

LampedusaDemoAugustHAMBURG BERLIN2 smallWir kämpfen für unser Recht!
We fight for our right!
Nous luttons pour notre droit!
2 Demonstrationen
Samstag 17. August 2013
14 Uhr Hamburg-HBF (Glockengießerwall) – 16 Uhr Berlin Oranienplatz 

We worked and lived in Libya, a country on our African continent that gave us the possibility of a secure existence. We never had the intention to come to Europe. Because of the NATO-intervention, officially for the „protection of the civil population“, the war escalated and we lost everything.

Many people lost their lives. Some of us were sent with overcrowded boats over the Mediterranean. This is how we got to Lampedusa. Many died in the Mediterranean.

In Italy we lived under severe conditions until we received the refugee status. Afterwards there was nothing for us and Italy prompted us to go to other European countries. Now we are France, Switzerland, Germany and other European countries living on the streets without means or rights.

The European Union and the member states of the NATO are all responsible for our destiny. We are around 300 survivors of the war in Libya here in Hamburg. We united and demand a political solution and the (our) recognition according to § 23 Aufenthaltsgesetz (residence law). We would not be here if it wasn’t for the war in Libya and the catastrophic conditions of human rights for refugees in Italy. We are exhausted and worn out from a long involuntary and horrible journey. We seek for an end of the refusal of our right to live.

We are here to stay.
We hope for your solidarity.

Pressemitteilung zu Gesprächen mit VertreterInnen des Senats

Last week a first talk between representatives of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” and representatives of the ministry of interior of Hamburg took place. The results of this talk show the shameful ignorance of the senate of Hamburg, which wants to continue to play the hardliner.

We quote the press release of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” on the talks:

Ministry of Interior stays on hardliner-course – but the protest is getting stronger

Hamburg, 12.08.2013. In the past week the Ministry of Interior of Hamburg has made their Hardliner Position clear once more and ignores the demands of the refugee group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” – free access to job market, to education, to medical and social care and the right to freely choose their residence in the EU. But the protest of the group that has persisted for over 3 month is growing stronger. Now the workers unions ver.di and GEW are officially calling their members to participate in the Demonstration “Lampedusa in Hamburg-We fight for our right!”.

On the 6.8.2013 there was – on the initiative of the diakonie hamburg – a first talk between representatives of the Ministry of Interior and representatives of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg”.

The ministry only used these talks to repeat its negative stance. It made clear that:

  • in her view the situation in Italy alone does not give any reason to grant the right to stay to members of the group; there seem to be no reasons to assume that there is a failure of the protection of european refugee-protection in Italy
  • the right to stay will only be considered in special cases, i.e. for pregnant women, sick and underaged

This makes clear that the result of the examitation of all single cases, as promised by the senate in the past, is already clear: Applications for the grant of a right to stay for humanitarian reasons will be declined , with very limites exceptions

Refugees could take legal action against the negative decision of the authorities. In reply to a question a representative of the ministry of Interior made clear that the authorities are not even ready to suspend a deportation in case of legal action against a negative decision by the affected refugee.

Protection from deportation is then only possible via emergency procedures. This procedure is not suitable to clear out fundamental questions and furthermore it is not guaranteed that legal protection can be obtained in time.

The lawyer Daniela Hödl comments on the talks with the ministry of Interior:

The examination of single cases as promised by the senate is ultimately only an instrument to deport the concerned persons. The only offer that the represantatives of the ministry of interior had was the willingness to increase the commonly provided financial return assistance for the refugees of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg”. What Hamburg is offering us is therefore the same as Italy had done: one gives the refugees money and drives them out of the country.”

Press release as PDF

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