Offener Brief der Gruppe „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ an den Senat der Stadt Hamburg und Erneuerung unseres Gesprächsangebots

Hamburg, 16.10.2013

Open letter by the group „Lampedusa in Hamburg“ to the senate of Hamburg and a renewal of our offer for talks

Dear Mr. Scholz, dear Mr. Neumann,

We, members of the group „Lampedusa in Hamburg“, do not hide our identity, but the European governments themselves are hiding from their responsibility and refuse to face the reality.

On 1 May 2013 we, the Libyan war refugees, appeared in the public in Hamburg and made the circumstances of our existence in Hamburg visible, explaining why we came here. The reasons why the entire European Union including Hamburg are responsible for the recognition and practical application of our Italian refugee status were also made clear.

We have asked for discussions with you, the Hamburg government, in order for you to find a political solution to our traumatic predicament of living without any rights. You have never sought discussions with us, but instead hide behind a law, which poses a threat of to our lives. You ignore the reality by claiming that the return to Italy is the only (legal) possibility, and thus you fail to acknowledge the dangerous situation refugees face in Italy. Continue reading

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