Aufruf zur Solidaritätskundgebung am Freitag – 31.05.2013

Lampedusa in Hamburg – Solidarity with the refugees of war and their demands!


Manifestation at the SPD Bundestags election event in Hamburg:

Friday, 31.05.2013 | 18.30 PM

In front of the Museum der Arbeit (Wiesendamm 3/ close to the subway Barmbek)

Meeting point for a collective journey to the manifestation:

17.30 PM at the protest-tent at the central station/ Steindamm


Seven weeks ago the administration of Hamburg forced Refugees into homelessness. After three weeks of protest organised by the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” , an association of people who fled from the NATO-War in Libya, the city of Hamburg is under pressure in such an extent, that it is formally making an effort to organise accommodation. But this accommodation will only be temporary and is supposed to provide the basis for the preparation of the return to Italy.


Right from the beginning the refugees made very clear in their protest:

“We are here and we will not go back! We never had the intention to come here. We were on our continent in Libya and our existence there was destroyed by the NATO-states.”

Their demands include the complete recognition of their rights:

  • accommodation
  • free access to the labour market
  • free access to education
  • free access to medical care and social provision
  • the right to freely choose the residence within the EU


The emergency aid of the city cannot be linked to any terms. The situation we are facing now has not fallen from the sky, it is a direct consequence of the european asylum- and foreign policies which were strongly shaped by the Federal Republic of Germany as one of the most powerful european states.

Germany as well as other european states has participated in the NATO-War in Libya, where it destroyed the existence of those who then had to flee to Europe against their own will. No war remains without consequences, but the german state as the causer of flight denies any responsibility. While the NATO globally leads wars in the name of “human rights and democracy” Refugees on the streets of Europe are being deprived of exactly these rights.

The existing Dublin-system denies the human right to freely choose the place of residence and is one of the causes for the catastrophic situation of refugees in the countries of Southern Europe. Germany is economic-politically responsible for forcing these very countries into the downward spiral of crisis and austerity. Infighting between the european states shall be carried out on the back of the refugees. In this context German politicians even dare to tell refugees that there is a perspective for them in Italy, even though there are numerous expertises and reports by human rights organisations that state the opposite.


Solidarity with the resistance of the refugees – support their demands!




Supporters of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg”

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