29.05. – Wir sind hier und gehen nicht zurück!

The Refugees from Libya made clear since the beginning of their protest:

„we are here and we will not go back! Because we never had the intension to come here.We lived on our continent in Libya, until the lives we had there were destroyed by the NATO states.“

The demands made by the war refugees are clear and include the full acknowledgement of their rights.

  • Housing
  • Free access to the employment market
  • free access to education
  • free access to medical assistance and social service
  • freedom of movement and free choice of residence inside the EU

In a meeting of the city parliament the social democrats claimed to organize medical assistance and humanitarian aid. Meanwhile their staff through some refugees out of a park where they had to sleep due to their disastrous situation. The aid which the city authorities claim to give does not reach those in need. There is reason to doubt that the talking about humanitarian help will be followed by actions.

The direct support of the refugees is organized by the base of the cities population. Especially young people are putting enormous effort in into alleviating the misery and giving practical help every day. While they are left with little time for schoolwork the senate is whining about the incredible hardship of finding a building to be used for accommodation.

A deportation back to Italy or even back to the countries they fled, which some politicians already dream of, is unacceptable. Humanitarian aid in an emergency must not be tied to conditions.

The refugees’ resistance on the streets of Hamburg continues!

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