Protest on Rathausmarkt due to Parliament Session on 09.04.2014

What everyone already knew has been confirmed once more: According to an expertise by the Scientific Service of the Bundestag it is legally possible for Hamburg to grant a residence permit to the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg”. The party DIE LINKE has made an application on the basis of §23 that is to be voted on in the coming parliamentary session.

How many expertises and application will they need? We – the affected – will be there and remind them that we have the right to be here and to stay!
We ask you to show your solidarity with the group again – bring your posters, your slogans, your music, your resistance!
Come to the Rathausmarkt at 3 PM and support Lampedusa in Hamburg’s demand for a group solution!

Wednesday 09.04.14 | 3 PM | Rathausmarkt

Lampedusa in Hamburg – HERE TO STAY!

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