Call for Demonstration: Recognition of the group ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ – now!

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More than 1 year of fighting is enough – we want ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ as friends, colleagues, fellow students, neighbours!!

Demonstration 5 July 2014 – 12.00 – Hachmannplatz, Hamburg-main station

Recognition of the group ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ – now! Immediate work permission – right to stay e.g. via § 23

For these demands the group ‚Lampedusa in Hamburg’ fights for more than 1 year with uncounted public meetings, visits of schools, universities, neighbourhood-assemblies, churches, with demonstrations and other actions, recently with the Sit in on the place before the townhall, where 5 people were injured by brutal police-attacks and 7 people arrested. For these demands we demonstrated together in the 1 May-demonstration of DGB (council of the unions) and afterwards with a parade. Later that day, a former school-building in Laeszstraße was entered and declared to become refugee welcome centre, the Lampedusa in Hamburg-house.

Declaration of the group Lampedusa in Hamburg, June 2014:


> We want to use the house as a historical place of Lampedusa in Hamburg. 

> We want to use the house as a symbol of Nato-War-Refugees.

> We want to use the house to show our professional and creative skills.

> We want to use the house as a school to study, e.g. the german language. 

> The house belongs to us as our fundamental rights – we are sick and tired of sleeping on the street. 

> We need the house to protect our dignity. 

> We need the house to stay together as one big family.

> We need the house to continue our legitimate political fight. 

Today, after the end of the winter emergency programms, many members of the group are homeless and again on the streets of this town Hamburg, to which they belong since more than 1 year. They worked in diverse professions in Libya to provide for their families in their countries of origin, had to flee because of the NATO-bombs and did not find opportunities to build up a new existence in Italy after their dangerous flight over the Mediterranean Sea. They want to live in Hamburg and we want them here. They have become part of our lifes, they and we need this house. We, friends, neighbours, colleagues, fellow students, supporters, fans will demonstrate again and again and again until the Senate of Hamburg recognizes this.

Lampedusa in Hamburg – they are here to stay!

Immediate Recognition of the Italian permission for the right to stay and work!

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