Bericht über die aktuelle Situation vom 23. Mai 2013

The information tent of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” is now taking place the second day. A lot of affected people use the tent as a place to exchange experiences and ideas, discuss their situation and to plan further activities.
Because of the persistent cold and rainy weather, the sanitary situation is getting worse. Today, three people had to be brought to the doctor, for four others medical treatment has to be organized. The diseases were caused by the conditions they are forced to live in.
A few that had been living in cars on a junk yard, lost their housing because the cars were exported.
When a journalist from a Hamburg Newspaper interviewed a speaker of the lybian war refugees in a waiting room of the hamburger bus station and asked for their everyday conditions, the security personnel sent interviewer and interviewed outside in the rain.
While now almost everyone in Hamburg knows about the inhuman conditions the refugees have to live in, the responsible politicians, mayor and senators, refuse any dialogue with the group.
Meanwhile lawyers are even checking if they can sew the city of Hamburg because of nonassistance of a person in danger.
We call on all the people in the city and elsewhere to show solidarity and to help change the situation.

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